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IPTV Smarters Pro

With IPTV Smarters Pro you can watch Live, Movies, Series, and TV Catup from IPTV Service Provider on Android Phone, Android Boxes, Fire TV Sticks, Nvidia Shield TV.

– Support: Live, Movies, and Series Streaming
– Master Search
– New Modern layout / UI Design
– Support for EPG ( TV Program Guide)
– Support: Chrome Casting
– Parental Controls
– Support: TV Catch Up Streaming
– Support: Continue Watching
– Support: Recently Added Movies & Series
– Support: Multi-Screens and Multi-Users ( Improvements)
– Support: M3u File and URL ( Playlist)
– Support: Local Audio / Video file Playing
– Support: Play a Single Stream
– Support: External Player.
– Speed Test facility Integrated and VPN Integration
– Support: Dynamic language switching
– Support: Picture-in-Picture
– Support: Recording Stream
– and much more

What are you waiting for?
Get the most downloaded IPTV Player Android App.

A fully customized and Brand-able version for OTT Providers.

Xtreme HD IPTV Review

  • Over 20,000 live channels
  • Packages starting at $14.99/month
  • The standard plan comes with one connection
  • VOD options
  • 24-hour trial for $2.99
  • All Major Sports Packages & PPV
  • Catch up
  • 24/7 channels
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Accepts Credit/Debit
  • Compatible with popular IPTV Players
  • VPN friendly
  • Not IP location locked

Xtreme HD IPTV is a well-known live TV service with a huge selection of 20,000 plus channels.

Plans also come with VOD options, one connection, a 24-hour free trial, and much more.

Xtreme HD IPTV Website

smarters iptv
IPTV Smarters Pro

After you find what you need, then you need to look into its quality. That means to find a reliable provider with good service. Iview HD content comes only in HD! They make sure they can deliver all of this content as reliably as possible, thanks to multiple off-shore servers and advanced load balancing.
This ensures smooth and stable streams and fast channel switching.
Their attention to quality also shows on their EPG. The Electronic Program Guide is available for all the popular channels they stream. No more guessing when switching channels, find the right program for you at the push of a button. It is with classic EPG and Grid EPG formats for two different styles.
One point that may be very important for some people is the 7 days catch up playback functions for about 100 important channels and events. So you don’t need to worry about missing any important tv and sports, and you don’t need to watch the events overnights for the reason of time difference.

Iptv smarter
Iptv smarter

After you review the content and quality, the last thing and also important for you is the price. But there is no free cake in the world. All the quality and service should be at its price. But I suggest you subscribe to a good IPTV with a good price, as long as you can pay the bill. Only this case, you can enjoy your watching time without freezing, buffering, and without your anger. View subscription with one good thing is that you can get a really free trial code for 3 days. You can try the 3 days, and see whether it deserves your payment or not. And also it is with different subscription packages of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months, accordingly with the standard version and Plus version ( with 7 days catch up). All these subscription services are to make at your convenience.
After all, thank you for your reading, and hope you can find the best and suitable IPTV service!

The IPTV Smarters App is a fabulous video streaming player that allows your IPTV customers or end-users to stream content like Live TV, VOD, Series, and TV Catchup supplied by you; on their Android & iOS devices, Smart TV, and even on macOS/Windows PC/Laptop.

Following is a comprehensive list of the devices supported by IPTV Smarters Pro.

IPTV Trends

iptv trends

*Currently accepting new customers

IPTV Trends Review

  • Over 19,000 live channels
  • Packages starting at $18.99 /month
  • The standard plan comes with 1 connection
  • VOD options
  • 24 hour trial for $3.00
  • All Major Sports Packages & PPV
  • Adult Channels
  • Catch up
  • M3U URL
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Accepts PayPal and Credit/Debit
  • Compatible with popular IPTV Players
  • VPN friendly
  • Not IP location locked

IPTV Trends is a popular live TV service with a large selection of channels and VOD options.

Users have a choice between different subscription plans that provide over 19,000 channels, VOD, catch up, and more.

IPTV Trends Website

Apollo Group TV

apollo group tv
IPTV Smarters Pro

*Currently accepting new customers

Apollo Group TV Review

  • Over 1,000 channels in HD quality
  • VOD options
  • Packages starting at $24.99/month
  • Free trial currently on pause
  • Five connections with the standard plan
  • All Major Sports Packages
  • International channels
  • M3U URL
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Accepts Bitcoin & Credit/Debit (20% discount with Bitcoin)
  • Compatible with popular IPTV Players
  • Customer support through Telegram, Discord, and email
  • VPN friendly
  • Not IP location locked

Android: Android smartphones, Android TV, Android STB Box, Fire TV Stick, Nvidia Shields, and other sticks or devices that are based on Android.
iOS: iPhone, iPad, TvOS (Apple TV).
Smart TV: LG & Samsung (App available on the store to download).

So now we are down to the Juicy part if you have IPTV from us then you shouldn’t even be this far down you should have clicked the part near the top of the page that says “our own IPTV app” to install our own strong iptv app which is the same as this app but is better customized just for our iptv service.

 IPTV Smarters Pro? IPTV Smarters Pro is an incredible video streaming player which is developed especially for end-users that want to be provided with the facility to watch live TV, VOD, Series and TV Catchup on their android devices such as mobiles, android boxes, Fire TV stick and other. So register for the IPTV Seevice then you can use the IPTV Smarters pro app in your device. Because this app needs the login details which is providing by the iptv service provider.

The interface & support

The interface is extremely attractive and maintains a modern, user-friendly look. The cover, for once, is a good judge of the book. It boasts a lot of features, including support for embedded subtitles, dynamic language switching, m3u file loading, EPG, and Xtream API. As a bonus, it supports all standard video formats, including 4K. 

How IPTV Smarters Pro works


As we’ve already mentioned, businesses can significantly benefit from making use of this TV app. It effectively acts as a medium to grow IPTV businesses. That said, the IPTV itself does not actually create any visual or audio content, provide any subscriptions, or sell any streams. Users will also need to make use of their existing TV service provider to enjoy the media player. 

Our take

IPTV Smarters Pro is a convenient and easy-to-use app for watching programs on the go. It supports various formats and offers many features that a lot of users will appreciate. You’ll particularly love the parental controls, which many parents will find very useful. 

Should you download it?


Yes, as long as you have your own provider, you’re good to go.

This guide will show you how to install IPTV Smarters Pro on Firestick, Android, iOS, and even Roku devices.

IPTV Smarters Pro is one of the Best IPTV Players available that works on just about every device imaginable.

This is a fabulous option for pairing with popular IPTV Services that provide an M3U playlist.

One of the main reasons this app has gained so much popularity is due to the fact that it is compatible with iOS and Android Mobile devices. That means you can stream live television wherever you are!

This works similar to other IPTV players such as TiviMate or iMPlayer.

The tutorial below will show you how to install IPTV Smarters Pro on multiple devices. The first method will show you how to install this app on an Amazon Firestick 4K.

The Amazon Firestick is the most popular device for IPTV Smarters due to its low price and jailbreaking abilities.

We must side-load this application on Fire TV devices due to the fact that it isn’t available inside the Amazon App Store.

The second method will provide installation and setup instructions for IPTV Smarters Pro on an iPhone XS. Users can install this via the Apple App Store:

Feature Overview:

  • Play Live, Movies, and Series Streaming
  • Support Full EPG ( Under each Stream and a separated view to see the full EPG with each Channel ).
  • Recording Feature – Ability to record Live TV and storing into Internal and External Device as well.
  • Native Player ( Built-in Player )
  • Settings – Ability to change Stream Format, EPG Time Shift, Time Format, Player Settings etc.
  • Parental Control for each category.
  • Support Xtream Codes API and Loading M3U Playlist.
  • Ability to add streams to favorite.
  • Displaying Movies Info, Series Info, Stream Logo and Session wise data.
  • Ability to watch Trials.
  • Show Expiry Date, Account Info.
  • MultiDNS Support – It supports up to 5 DNS into a single app. The buyer can get hardcoded 5 Panels into a single application.
  • Multiuser Support: The user can manage more than one subscription.
  • Custom Branded Version – Rebranding Available for the Reseller or Owner of Panel.
  • Support: Dynamic language switching
  • Support: Embedded subtitle and Audio Tracks
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